Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Avalara VAT Reporting SaaS Settings

Contains settings that control the behaviour of Avalara VAT Reporting SaaS.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
APIKey__c API Key Spring 2021 This is the API key required for the Avalara SaaS Reporting.

AccountID__c Account ID Spring 2021 This is the Account ID required for the Avalara SaaS Reporting.

Environment__c Environment Spring 2021 The Avalara SaaS environment to which you want to connect. Default is Production.

IncludeIntrastatData__c Include Intrastat Data Spring 2022 When selected, includes the Intrastat data in the Avalara VAT Reporting XML file. Default is deselected.

Checkbox false
StoreFiles__c Store Files Spring 2022 When selected, all XML files sent to Avalara VAT Reporting are stored in Files. Deselected by default.

Checkbox false

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