Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Background Matching Settings(FF)

Contains settings that control the behaviour of Matching.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
CustomDelimiter__c Custom Delimiter Spring 2023 The custom delimiter is used when adding data to the Account Reference and the Documents to Match fields on a cash entry. You can enter any one special character as a delimiter. By default, the custom setting field is blank and uses "|" to separate the document names in the Account Reference and Documents to Match fields on a cash entry.

MatchingProcessScopeSize__c Matching Process Scope Size Spring 2021 Scope size for the Matching Process.

Number(4,0) 20
UseDetailedMonitoring__c Use Detailed Monitoring Spring 2021 Indicates that detailed monitoring is to be used for the process.

Checkbox true

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