Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Bank Connections Log Details

Details of events that occur during the bank connection process.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
BankConnectionsLogNumber__c Bank Connections Log Number Winter 2021 The Bank Connections Log Number for the parent Bank Connections log.

Looks up to: BankConnectionsLog__c
ErrorCode__c Error Code Winter 2021 The error code for a failed bank connection.

ErrorMessage__c Error Message Winter 2021 The error message shown when a bank connection failure occurs.

EventName__c Event Name Winter 2021 The event that occurred during the bank connection process.

InstitutionName__c Institution Name Winter 2021 Name of the financial institution to which connection was made or attempted.

ViewName__c View Name Winter 2021 The page of the bank connection process where the error occurred.


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