Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Payments Plus Options

Payments Plus Options

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
GLAFiltering__c GLA Filtering Spring 2019 Control GLA filtering in Payments Selection and Payments Plus by allowing custom Trial Balance combinations.

Text(255) "TB1=Liabilities,TB2=Current Liabilities,TB2=Long Term Liabilities"
MaximumAccountsSentEmailRemittances__c Maximum Accounts Sent Email Remittances Summer 2020 The maximum number of accounts that can be sent email remittances in one batch.

MaximumVendorAccounts__c Maximum Accounts in Vendor Name Field Spring 2019 The maximum number of accounts that you can view in the drop-down for the Vendor Name field.

PaymentsPlusCongaPrinting__c Payments Plus Conga Printing Fall 2018 In the Checks stage of Payments Plus, this allows you to print checks using Conga Integration.

Checkbox false
PaymentsPlusCustomFilters__c Payments Plus Custom Filters Fall 2018 In the Transactions stage of Payments Plus, this allows you to customize the filters used to retrieve transactions.


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