Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Plaid Integration Setting

The unique identifiers required to connect to a bank account using Plaid.

This custom setting is protected and can only be modified by Certinia.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
AccessToken__c Access Token Winter 2021 The unique login credentials that provide temporary access between Plaid and Accounting.

AccountName__c Account Name Winter 2021 Unique name for the bank account, in the format: Institution Name and Account Name, both supplied by Plaid.

InstitutionID__c Institution ID Winter 2021 Unique Institution ID supplied by Plaid.

InstitutionName__c Institution Name Winter 2021 Name of the bank or other financial institution.

ItemID__c Plaid Item ID Winter 2021 The unique identifier for the bank account connection. The Plaid "Item" contains a set of login credentials for a financial institution.


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