Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Reminder Rule

Custom object used to manage the rules that identify sales invoices that are due to be sent a reminder email.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Active__c Active Spring 2019 If selected, the reminder rule is included in the collections process.

Checkbox false
Automated__c Automated Spring 2019 Indicates whether the reminder rule has been scheduled to send reminders automatically.

Checkbox false
Company__c Company Fall 2018 Looks up to: codaCompany__c
Description__c Description Fall 2018 TextArea
EmailTemplateID__c Email Template ID Fall 2018 Text(18)
PreferredStartTime__c Preferred Start Time Spring 2019 Time
ReferenceDateField__c Reference Date Field Fall 2018 Text(80)
ScheduledJobId__c Scheduled Job ID Spring 2019 Text(18)
SenderEmail__c Sender Email Spring 2020 Text(18)
Severity__c Severity Fall 2018 Number(18,0)
SortOrder__c Sort Order Fall 2018 Number(2,0)
TimeTriggerDays__c Days before or after Due Date Fall 2018 Number(3,0)
UseCongaAttachments__c Use Conga Attachments? Spring 2019 Indicates whether the reminders use conga templates for attachments in email.

Checkbox false

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