Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Write-Off Settings

Contains settings that control the behavior of the AR Write-Off.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
RunParallel__c Run Parallel Fall 2021 Indicates that the process runs using parallel processing.

Checkbox false
ScopeSize__c Scope Size Fall 2021 Scope size for the Write-Off Process.

Number(4,0) 20
UseDetailedMonitoring__c Use Detailed Monitoring Fall 2021 Indicates that detailed monitoring is to be used for the process.

Checkbox true
WriteOffReasonCode__c Write-Off Reason Code Fall 2021 Field for entering the Write-Off reasons, separated by a semicolon. The values available to enter will be shown as a picklist on the Journal Details screen, of the Write-Off process.


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