Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Payment Summary

Summary of account values for payment.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
AccountSelected__c Account Selected Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox true
Account__c Account Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Account

BelongToCurrentRefine__c Belong To Current Refine Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox true
Cancel_Payment_Criteria__c Cancel Payment Criteria Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: codaVoidPaymentCriteria__c
DetailModified__c Detail Modified Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox false
DiscountTotal__c Discount Total Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
DiscountWithAll__c Discount With All Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
Discount__c Discount Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)
ExternalId__c External Id Pre-Spring 2018 Text(32)
GrossValueTotal__c Gross Value Total Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
GrossValueWithAll__c Gross Value With All Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
GrossValue__c Gross Value Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)
LineNumber__c Line Number Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,0)
PaymentValueTotal__c Payment Value Total Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
PaymentValueWithAll__c Payment Value With All Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
PaymentValue__c DEPRECATED: Payment Value Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)
Payment__c Payment Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: codaPayment__c
RemittancesEmailedDate__c Remittances Emailed Date Summer 2020 The date the remittance was emailed to the vendor.

RemittancesEmailed__c Remittances Emailed Summer 2020 If checked the remittances have been emailed to the vendor.

Checkbox false
RemoveReason__c Remove Reason Spring 2018 Text(255)
Status__c Status Pre-Spring 2018 Picklist:
UnitOfWork__c Unit of Work Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,0)

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