Accounting Data Dictionary


Label: Selection Definition

Stores the queries for selecting and filtering data (used in Mass Email, XL and Print Formatter)

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Company__c Company Pre-Spring 2018 Text(80)
ExternalId__c External Id Pre-Spring 2018 Text(32)
SelectionDescription__c Selection Description Pre-Spring 2018 TextArea
SelectionHeaderObjectLabel__c Selection Header Object Label Pre-Spring 2018 Text(80)
SelectionHeaderObject__c Selection Header Object Pre-Spring 2018 Text(80)
SelectionLineItemObjectLabel__c Selection Line Item Object Label Pre-Spring 2018 Text(80)
SelectionLineItemObject__c Selection Line Item Object Pre-Spring 2018 Text(80)
UnitOfWork__c Unit of Work Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,0)

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