Billing Central Data Dictionary


Label: Billing Central Automation Settings

Contains settings that control the automation of Billing Central processes.

This custom setting is protected and can only be modified by Certinia.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
ActivateContractFromOpportunities__c Activate Contracts From Opportunities Spring 2020 Indicates whether contracts created from opportunities are automatically activated.

Checkbox false
CalculateTaxDynamically__c Calculate Tax Dynamically Summer 2020 Indicates whether tax is automatically calculated using the default tax engine set on a billing document's company.

Checkbox false
CalculateTaxWithAvalara__c Calculate Tax with Avalara Spring 2020 Indicates whether tax is automatically calculated on the documents using Avalara AvaTax.

Checkbox false
CommitWithAvalaraOnComplete__c Commit tax to AvaTax upon completion Summer 2020 Indicates whether to commit tax for Billing Documents that are being completed.

Checkbox false
CreateDueBillingDocuments__c Create Due Billing Documents Spring 2020 Indicates whether billing documents due for billing are automatically created when a contract is activated.

Checkbox false

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