Billing Central Data Dictionary


Label: Plan Line Item

Contains the details of the products and price plans that you can create a contract from.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
BillingTermMultiplier__c Billing Term Multiplier Summer 2020 Multiplier used to calculate the plan line's value for one billing term.

BillingType__c Billing Type Pre-Spring 2018 The type of billing for this plan line item.

Recurring Fixed
Recurring Variable
ChargeTerm__c Charge Term Summer 2020 Lookup to the soft date that determines when charging occurs.

Looks up to: SoftDate__c
Description__c Description Pre-Spring 2018 Description of the plan line item.

IsRecurring__c Recurring Pre-Spring 2018 Indicates whether the plan line item applies to every term in the plan.

NOT(ISPICKVAL(BillingType__c, 'One-off'))
Plan__c Plan Pre-Spring 2018 Plan to which this plan line item belongs

Looks up to: Plan__c
Product__c Product or Service Pre-Spring 2018 Lookup to the product or service to which this plan relates.

Looks up to: Product2

Quantity__c Quantity Pre-Spring 2018 Quantity of the product or service being purchased. You must enter a value if a fixed Billing Type is selected.

Number(18,6) 0
SalesPrice__c Plan Line Value Pre-Spring 2018 Total price for the plan line item per billing term. For one-off lines, there is only one billing term so this is the total price of the line.

IF( BillingTermMultiplier__c > 0, Quantity__c * UnitPrice__c * BillingTermMultiplier__c, Quantity__c * UnitPrice__c )
UnitOfMeasure__c Unit Of Measure Pre-Spring 2018 Lookup to the unit of measure used to determine customer usage on this plan line item.

Looks up to: UnitOfMeasure__c
UnitPrice__c Unit Price Pre-Spring 2018 Price of one item for the plan line item. This is used to calculate the Plan Line Value.

Number(18,9) 0

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