Billing Central Data Dictionary


Label: Quantity Break

Contains a unit price to be applied when a certain quantity is reached on a contract line item.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
PricingStructure__c Pricing Structure Pre-Spring 2018 Lookup to the pricing structure to which this quantity break belongs.

Looks up to: PricingStructure__c
QuantityBreakId__c Quantity Break ID Pre-Spring 2018 An identifier which is used to prevent quantity breaks being duplicated.

Quantity__c Quantity Pre-Spring 2018 Lowest quantity at which this price break is applied. The Unit Price is applied for Quantities above this amount up to the next price break if there is one.

UnitPrice__c Unit Price Pre-Spring 2018 Price of one item when the Quantity or Usage of a contract line item falls into this quantity break.


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