Billing Central Data Dictionary


Label: Usage

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
BillingDocumentLineItem__c Billing Document Line Item Pre-Spring 2018 Lookup to the billing document line item for which this usage information was billed.

Looks up to: fferpcore__BillingDocumentLineItem__c

CompleteBillingDocumentDeleted__c Complete Billing Document Deleted Summer 2022 Indicates that this usage record's related billing document line item has been completed and deleted after having been archived.

Checkbox false
ContractLineItem__c Contract Line Item Pre-Spring 2018 Lookup to the contract line item to which this usage information applies.

Looks up to: ContractLineItem__c
ContractStatus__c Status of Related Contract Summer 2022 For internal use only. Formula field containing the status of the contract to which the usage record's related contract line item belongs.

DateOutOfRange__c Date Out of Range Summer 2022 For internal use only. True if the date on this record is before the start date or after the end date of the contract line, or the contract line is canceled. Used to validate that out of range records cannot be created.

OR(ContractLineItem__r.Canceled__c , Date__c > ContractLineItem__r.EndDate__c , Date__c < ContractLineItem__r.StartDate__c)
Date__c Date Pre-Spring 2018 Date to which this usage information applies.

Quantity__c Quantity Pre-Spring 2018 Number of units used.

Number(18,6) 0
UnitOfMeasure__c Unit of Measure Pre-Spring 2018 Lookup to the unit of measure in which this usage information is recorded.

Looks up to: UnitOfMeasure__c

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