Billing Central Data Dictionary


Label: fferpcore__BillingDocument__c

Adding fields to an object in a different managed package

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
BackgroundProcessJobId__c Background Process Job ID Spring 2019 Unique identifier of the background process job run on the document. Internal use only.

BackgroundProcess__c Background Process Spring 2019 Lookup to the background process run on the document.

Looks up to: BackgroundProcess__c
CompositeGroupKey__c Consolidation Composite Group Key Spring 2019 Combination of field values used to group the document for consolidation. Internal use only.

ConsolidatedBillingDocument__c Consolidated Billing Document Fall 2018 Lookup to the consolidated billing document that has been created.

Looks up to: fferpcore__BillingDocument__c

ConsolidationGroupingMethod__c Consolidation Grouping Method Spring 2019 Lookup to the consolidation grouping method used in the background process run on the document. Also displayed on the Consolidate Billing Documents page.

Looks up to: ConsolidationGroupingMethod__c
ContractStatus__c Contract Status Pre-Spring 2018 Formula field containing the status of the contract to which this billing document belongs.

ContractType__c Contract Type Pre-Spring 2018 Formula field containing the type of contract to which this billing document belongs.

Contract__c Contract Pre-Spring 2018 Lookup Field to the Contract that have generated the Document

Looks up to: Contract__c
IsConsolidated__c Consolidated Spring 2019 Indicates if the billing document is a consolidated billing document.

Checkbox false
TotalledOnContract__c Included in Contract Total Billed Pre-Spring 2018 Indicates whether the Total Value of the billing document line items is included in the Total Billed field of the related contract line items.

Checkbox false
TriggerId__c Trigger ID Pre-Spring 2018 An identifier that is used to create billing documents when billing a contract.


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