Foundations Data Dictionary


Label: Company Tax Information

Contains the tax information for a company.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
TaxCode__c Tax Code Pre-Spring 2018 The VAT / GST tax code for this company.

Looks up to: TaxCode__c
TaxCountryCode__c Tax Country Code Pre-Spring 2018 Code for the European Union country in which the company operates. You can update the entries in this custom picklist if required. The country code is required for the correct reporting of VAT on cross-border trades within the European Union.

TaxEngine__c Default Tax Engine Fall 2020 The tax engine used by default for billing documents from this company, unless a different tax engine is selected when calculating tax.

Avalara AvaTax
TaxType__c Tax Type Pre-Spring 2018 The type of tax to use for products sold by this company. For instance, GST, SUT or VAT.

VatGstGroup__c VAT/GST Group Pre-Spring 2018 Indicates whether this company is part of a VAT/GST group. The value of this checkbox is used when deciding where to get the default tax code to use.

Checkbox false
VatRegistrationNumber__c Tax Registration Number Pre-Spring 2018 Identifying number used for VAT purposes.


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