Foundations Data Dictionary


Label: FDN Common Object Settings

Contains the settings that determine the behavior of common objects or functionality affected by common objects.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
AllowBillingDocumentLineReparenting__c Allow Billing Document Line Reparenting Fall 2018 Indicates that you can reparent billing document line items.

Checkbox false
DisableCreditTermsMergeValidation__c Disable Credit Terms Merge Validation Fall 2019 Indicates whether Foundations should prevent accounts from being merged if more than one of them has an account credit terms record.

Checkbox false
MaintainAccountValidAddressStatus__c Update Address Validated Fields Fall 2018 Indicates whether Foundations should maintain the Address Validated fields on Account

Checkbox true
TaxCalculationUsesBankersRounding__c Tax Calculation Uses Bankers Rounding Spring 2021 Indicates whether tax values calculated on billing document line items are rounded using bankers (HALF-EVEN) rounding or HALF-UP rounding. Certinia applications use HALF-UP rounding as standard.

Checkbox false

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