Foundations Data Dictionary


Label: FDN Protected Settings

This custom setting is protected and can only be modified by Certinia.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
BatchGuaranteedOrderLimit__c Maximum batch records to guarantee order Pre-Spring 2018 Maximum records to process in a batch to guarantee that ORDER BY is honoured

Number(18,0) 10000
BatchUMT__c Disable User Management Queueable Jobs Spring 2020 Indicates that the use of queueable jobs within User Management is disabled. Only batch jobs are used.

Checkbox false
ClassCacheMonitor__c Enable Class Cache Monitor Spring 2022 Allow the Class Cache Monitor (CCMonitor) job to be scheduled and run.

Checkbox false
DisableGatewayNamespaceCheck__c Disable Gateway Namespace Spring 2023 Disable checking if the caller namespace is authorized to call out to off-platform services.

Checkbox false
DisableObjectProtection__c Disable Object Protection Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox false
Dormant__c Disable Messaging Engine Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox true
HMACSecret__c HMAC Signing Secret Summer 2022 Text(64)
LocalServer__c Local Server Pre-Spring 2018 Url

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