Foundations Data Dictionary


Label: Subscription

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
BulkCapacity__c Batch Delivery Capacity Pre-Spring 2018 Number(4,0) 1
ChildCountField__c Child Record Count Field Fall 2021 The API name of the field on the target object that contains the number of child records associated with a target record.

CorrelationField__c Correlation Field Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Custom__c Custom Pre-Spring 2018 Whether or not this subscription has been made by the user

Checkbox true
DeclarativeMappingCount__c Number of Declarative Mappings Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
DeliverUsingBackgroundProcess__c Deliver Using Background Process Pre-Spring 2018 Determines whether messages are delivered using a background process when the sender specifies that they are to be delivered now rather than later. If messages are scheduled for delivery later, the messages are delivered using a background process and this setting has no effect. When Capacity is selected, messages are delivered using a background process if the number of messages to be delivered exceeds the value set in the Synchronous Delivery Capacity field. The default value is Never.

DeliveryOrder__c Delivery Sequence Number Pre-Spring 2018 The batch delivery system will attempt to deliver message types in ascending order of this field. It groups messages by type to improve scalability.

Number(4,0) 500
Describer__c Describer Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Description__c Description Pre-Spring 2018 TextArea
DocumentationURL__c Documentation URL Pre-Spring 2018 Url
Enabled__c Enabled Pre-Spring 2018 Send messages to this consumer.

Checkbox false
ExcludeFromSelf__c Exclude Own Messages Pre-Spring 2018 Controls whether this subscription excludes messages sent by the same product.

Checkbox true
Filters__c Filters Pre-Spring 2018 Serialised filters.

HandlerData__c Handler Data Pre-Spring 2018 LongTextArea(16384)
Handler__c Handler Class Pre-Spring 2018 Class name of the message handler. Implements the MessageHandler interface

Identifier__c Identifier Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
LinkControlDeveloperName__c Return Data Developer Name Pre-Spring 2018 Custom identifier used when enabling return data. Return data fields are identified by their API names, which include this developer name. We recommend that you do not update the developer name after enabling return data.

LinkControlFor__c Return Data For Pre-Spring 2018 For return data subscriptions only. Automatically populated lookup to the publication that this return data subscription relates to. Do not update this field manually.

Looks up to: MessagingPublication__c
MaxChildCount__c Maximum Child Records on Target Fall 2021 The maximum number of child records each target record can store before a new target record is created.

MessageType__c Message Type Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: MessageType__c
Obsolete__c Obsolete Pre-Spring 2018 No longer in use.

Checkbox false
OwnerProduct__c Subscriber Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: ERPProduct__c
ProductProxy__c Proxy Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: ProductProxy__c
SynchronousDeliveryCapacity__c Synchronous Delivery Capacity Pre-Spring 2018 Determines the maximum number of messages that can be delivered without using a background process when Deliver Using Background Process is set to Capacity.

Number(4,0) 0
TargetObject__c Target Object Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Type__c Subscription Type Fall 2021 The subscription process type.

UniquenessConstraint__c Uniqueness Constraint Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
VirtualObjectConsumer__c Consumer Pre-Spring 2018 The name of the Consumer invoked whenever a VirtualDataObject is received.


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