Foundations Data Dictionary


Label: Process Run

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
AsyncApexJobId__c Async Apex Job ID Spring 2021 ID of the asynchronous job controlling this process run.

Description__c Description Spring 2021 Process Description

FinishTime__c Finish Time Spring 2021 DateTime
IsParent__c Is Parent Spring 2021 Indicates that the Process Run is a parent and has child processes.

Checkbox false
ParentProcessRun__c Parent Process Run Spring 2021 In the case of grouped process chaining, this displays the parent of all the process runs.

Looks up to: ProcessRun__c
StartTime__c Start Time Spring 2021 DateTime
StartedBy__c Started By Spring 2021 User that started the process.

Looks up to: User

TotalNumberOfErrors__c Total Number of Errors Spring 2021 Total Number of Logs which are in Error status.

TotalNumberOfPending__c Total Number of Pending Spring 2021 Total Number of Logs which are in Pending status.

TotalNumberOfSuccesses__c Total Number of Successes Spring 2021 Total Number of Logs which are in Ok status.

UsingDetailedMonitoring__c Using Detailed Monitoring Spring 2021 Indicates that Detailed Monitoring has been selected for the Process Run.

Checkbox false

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