Professional Services Automation Data Dictionary


Label: Missing Timecards

ORG wide setting for Missing Timecard check. It will check for Assignments for Internal Resource and to ignore closed projects.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Check_Assignments_for_internal_Resource__c Check Assignments for internal Resource Pre-Spring 2018 Flag to determine whether to treat internal resources as External resources

Checkbox false
Ignore_Closed_Assignments__c Ignore Closed Assignments Pre-Spring 2018 Ignore assignments closed for time entry or whose projects are closed for time entry.

Checkbox true
Use_Resource_Work_Calendar_Week_Start__c Use Resource Work Calendar Week Start Pre-Spring 2018 If Checked, MTC will utilize the resource's work calendar to determine which day of of the week that the week starts on. If the resource has no work calendar, it will utilize the R/P/G WC depending on how the job is run.

Checkbox false

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