Professional Services Automation Data Dictionary


Label: Rate Card

Records the suggested bill rate or average cost rate for a resource role in a region, practice, or group (for example, the bill rate for a Consultant in Europe) or for projects on an account. Use rate cards early in the staffing process, to provide information on likely billing and cost rates when creating resource requests. If configured, start and end dates on rate cards determine if the rate only applies to resource requests which lie between the given dates.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Account__c Account Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Account

Average_Cost_Rate__c Average Cost Rate Pre-Spring 2018 Currency(18,2) 0.00
Cascading_Role__c Cascading Role Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox false
End_Date__c End Date Pre-Spring 2018 The rate card will no longer be applied after the date entered here. If you enter an end date, you must also enter a start date. If there is a start date and no end date, the rate card will be applied.

Group__c Group Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Grp__c
Practice__c Practice Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Practice__c
Region__c Region Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Region__c
Role__c Resource Role Pre-Spring 2018 Picklist:
Business Analyst
Client Manager
Project Manager
Senior Consultant
Start_Date__c Start Date Pre-Spring 2018 The rate card will take effect on the date entered here.

Suggested_Bill_Rate__c Suggested Bill Rate Pre-Spring 2018 Currency(18,4) 0.00

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