Professional Services Automation Data Dictionary


Label: Vendor Invoice

This object enables your vendors to proactively manage their own invoices through a partner portal, including logging time and entering expenses against projects. Vendor invoices must be in their project currency. However, they can be set up to specify a vendor currency so every child vendor invoice item can be converted by date and summed up to a vendor amount.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Account_Currency__c Account Currency Pre-Spring 2018 Formula:
Account__c Account Pre-Spring 2018 The vendor account

Looks up to: Account

Action_Recalc_Vendor_Currency_Amount__c Action: Recalc Vendor Currency Amount Pre-Spring 2018 if checked, un-checks itself and forces re-population/calculation of Vendor Currency Amount Number values on all child Vendor Invoice Items, thereby updating the Vendor Currency Total formula value.

Checkbox false
Approved_for_Payment__c Approved for Payment Pre-Spring 2018 Whether the invoice has been approved for payment

Checkbox false
Date__c Date Pre-Spring 2018 The date of the invoice

Date Today()
Description__c Description Pre-Spring 2018 A text description of the invoice

First_Item_Date__c First Item Date Pre-Spring 2018 A calculated field that shows the earliest vendor invoice item date.

Invoice_Number__c Invoice Number Pre-Spring 2018 A unique id field for the invoice

Last_Item_Date__c Last Item Date Pre-Spring 2018 A calculated field that shows the latest vendor invoice item date.

Override_Vendor_Invoice_Exchange_Rate__c Override Vendor Invoice Exchange Rate Pre-Spring 2018 If not checked, rates at the line level always used rates defined on the system (unless they are themselves overridden). If checked then all Vendor Invoice Lines used the specified rate (Vendor Exchange Rate Override) as described below. This will also UN-check the checkbox for line-item-level overrides on all child Vendor Invoice Items: Apply Item Exchange Rate Override.

Checkbox false
PO_WO_Number__c PO/WO Number Pre-Spring 2018 Text(80)
SFDC_VAT__c SFDC VAT# Pre-Spring 2018 Picklist:
Status__c Status Pre-Spring 2018 Status of the invoice

Approved for Payment
On Hold
Submitted__c Submitted Pre-Spring 2018 Whether the invoice has been submitted for approval

Checkbox false
Target_Payment_Date__c Target Payment Date Pre-Spring 2018 The target date for payment

Total__c Total Pre-Spring 2018 The sum of all associated vendor invoice items.

Vendor_Currency_Total_Number__c Vendor Currency Total Number Pre-Spring 2018 Summary
Vendor_Currency_Total__c Vendor Currency Total Pre-Spring 2018 Formula:
Vendor_Currency__c+' '+TEXT(Vendor_Currency_Total_Number__c)
Vendor_Currency__c Vendor Currency Pre-Spring 2018 Text(3)
Vendor_Invoice_Exchange_Rate_Override__c Vendor Invoice Exchange Rate Override Pre-Spring 2018 Applied to all Vendor Invoice lines if Apply Vendor Exchange Rate Override checkbox is checked, regardless of rates defined on org. Note that this will be set as the relative rate between the Vendor currency and the Project currency

Vendor_VAT__c Vendor VAT# Pre-Spring 2018 Text(50)

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