Professional Services Automation Data Dictionary


Label: DEPRECATED: Work Queue

This object has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use Setup/Schedule Jobs to manage scheduled jobs and Setup/Apex Jobs to manage batch jobs.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
ApexClass__c ApexClass Pre-Spring 2018 Name of the apex class that is to be managed (Scheduled or Batch)

Batch_ID__c Batch ID Pre-Spring 2018 Text(50)
Constructor_Data__c Constructor Data Pre-Spring 2018 Used by the application to store information needed to construct more complex batchable classes that require input.

Cron_Day_Parameter__c Cron Day Parameter Pre-Spring 2018 Stores specific information about which days on which to run the job.

Cron_Schedule__c Cron Schedule Pre-Spring 2018 Holds the Cron Scheduled Pattern for this task. Blank if to be run only once.

Last_Run__c Last Run Pre-Spring 2018 DateTime
Next_Run__c Next Run Pre-Spring 2018 DateTime
Status_Message__c Status Message Pre-Spring 2018 LongTextArea(32768)
Status__c Status Pre-Spring 2018 Text(20)
Time_Zone_Offset__c Time Zone Offset Pre-Spring 2018 Stores the offset from GMT for the user who is creating this schedule. Format is sHHMM Where s= + or - depending on if the time zone is ahead or behind gmt and HH is the number of hours to offset and MM is the number of minutes to offset (used for partial hour time zones)


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