Professional Services Automation Core Data Dictionary


Label: Currency Exchange Rate

This core object is only used if you manage dated exchange rates using FinancialForce PSA instead of Salesforce advanced currency management. Defines the exchange rates--against the designated corporate currency--for each of your currencies. You can enter effective (start) and expiration (end) dates to define a dated exchange rate that is only effective over a certain time period.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Currency_Code__c Currency Code Pre-Spring 2018 Formula:
Currency__c Currency Pre-Spring 2018 This lookup references the Currency record for which the dated currency exchange rate applies. The rate is always defined as how much of the referenced Currency is equal to 1 (one) unit of the Coprorate Currency on the specified effective date.

Looks up to: Currency__c
Effective_Date__c Effective Date Pre-Spring 2018 Date for which the dated currency exchange rate actually applies, even if it is being used for a broader date range. Currency conversions would always look for most recent rate that is not in the future (i.e. today or earlier).

Date TODAY()
Expiration_Date__c Expiration Date Pre-Spring 2018 Specifies the date on which this Exchange Rate expires, if any. The Exchange Rate is valid until the day before the Expiration Date, or never expires if blank.

Is_Test__c Is Test Pre-Spring 2018 If checked, indicates that this currency exchange rate record is only being used in test mode and is not to be used for 'real' (production) exchange rate conversions.

Checkbox false
Is_Void__c Is Void Pre-Spring 2018 If checked, indicates that this currency exchange rate record is invalid and is not to be used

Checkbox false
Next_Effective_Date__c Next Effective Date Pre-Spring 2018 Defines the effective date of the subsequent exchange rate for the currency if any. It will be blank for the most recent rate. This field should be set automatically by the system.

Rate__c Rate Pre-Spring 2018 Defines the numeric value of the dated exchange rate between the referenced Currency and the Corporate Currency for the org.


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