Revenue Management Data Dictionary


Label: Field Mapping

Describes how to map a field from a source object to target object.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
FieldMappingDefinition__c Field Mapping Definition Pre-Spring 2018 The Field Mapping Definition this Field Mapping belongs to.

Looks up to: FieldMappingDefinition__c
FixedValue__c Fixed Value Pre-Spring 2018 The fixed value to be used for this field mapping.

InvertBooleanResult__c Invert Boolean Result Pre-Spring 2018 Indicates that you want the boolean value being mapped to the target field to be inverted. For example, a source value of true would become false.

Checkbox false
SourceField__c Source Field Pre-Spring 2018 The source field for this field mapping.

TargetField__c Target Field Pre-Spring 2018 The target field for this field mapping.

ValueForTrue__c Value For True Pre-Spring 2018 The text value that represents true.


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