Revenue Management Data Dictionary


Label: Deprecated: Recognition Staging Level 4

Deprecated and no longer in use.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
AccountId__c Account Id Pre-Spring 2018 Text(18)
AccountName__c Account Name Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
ErrorMessage__c Error Message Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
FutureTransactions__c Future Transactions Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,0)
GenDate__c Generation Date Pre-Spring 2018 DateTime
GroupName__c Group Name Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
HyperlinkId__c Hyperlink Id Pre-Spring 2018 Text(18)
PreviouslyRecognized__c Previously Recognized Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)
RecognitionDate__c Recognition Date Pre-Spring 2018 Date
RecognitionStagingTableLevel3__c Recognition Staging Table Level3 Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: RecognitionStagingTableLevel3__c
RecordId__c Record Id Pre-Spring 2018 Text(18)
ToRecognizeThisPeriod__c To Recognize This Period Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)
TotalRevenue__c Total Revenue Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)

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