Revenue Management Data Dictionary


Label: Recognition View Filter

Contains information about shared and working copy recognition views.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
FieldAPIName__c Field API Name Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Filter__c Filter Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Filter__c
ObjectAPIName__c Object API Name Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
ObjectAndGroup__c Object And Group Pre-Spring 2018 Formula:
IF( ISBLANK( Filter__c ) , ObjectAPIName__c & RecognitionViewTab__r.GroupName__c, Filter__r.ObjectAPIName__c & RecognitionViewTab__r.GroupName__c )
RecognitionViewTab__c Recognition View Tab Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: RecognitionViewTab__c

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