Revenue Management Data Dictionary


Label: Dummy Invoice

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Balance_sheet__c Balance Sheet Account Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Billed__c Billed Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)
Company__c Company Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Cost_Balance_Sheet__c Cost Balance Sheet Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Cost_Centre__c Cost Centre Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Cost_Cost_Center__c Cost Cost Center Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
Cost_Income_Statement__c Cost Income Statement Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
CurrencyFieldType__c Currency Field Type Pre-Spring 2018 Currency(18,2)
CurrencyLookup__c Currency Lookup Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Account

Currency__c Document Currency Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
DateTimeField__c Date Time Field Pre-Spring 2018 DateTime
DeferredRevenueToDateDualCurrency__c Deferred Revenue To Date Dual Currency Spring 2023 Number(18,2)
DeferredRevenueToDateHomeCurrency__c Deferred Revenue To Date Home Currency Spring 2023 Number(18,2)
DeferredRevenueToDateReportingCurrency__c Deferred Revenue To Date Rep Currency Spring 2023 Number(18,2)
DeferredRevenueToDate__c Deferred To Date Spring 2023 Number(18,2)
DocumentRate__c Document Rate Spring 2019 Number(18,9)
DualCurrency__c Dual Currency Spring 2019 Text(255)
DualRate__c Dual Rate Spring 2019 Number(18,9)
EngagementLookup__c Dummy Engagement Spring 2023 Looks up to: fferpcore__ff_Engagement__c

Group__c Group Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
HomeCurrency__c Home Currency Spring 2019 Text(255)
Income_Statement__c Income Statement Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
LongTextArea__c Detailed Description Pre-Spring 2018 LongTextArea(32768)
Percent_completed__c Percent Completed Pre-Spring 2018 Percent(18,2)
Practice__c Practice Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
RecognizedToDateValueDual__c Recognized To Date Dual Spring 2023 Number(18,2)
RecognizedToDateValueHome__c Recognized To Date Home Spring 2023 Number(18,2)
Region__c Region Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
SettingsTestObject__c Dummy Invoice Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: SettingsTestObject__c
TextArea__c Description Pre-Spring 2018 TextArea
Time__c Time Fall 2018 Time
Total_Hours__c Total Hours Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,2)
TrueUpAccount__c True-Up GLA Spring 2023 Text(255)
another_number__c Total Cost Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,0)
boolean__c Active Field Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox false
completebox__c Revenue Recognition Complete Pre-Spring 2018 Checkbox false
completelist__c Complete Field Pre-Spring 2018 Picklist:
date__c Start Date Pre-Spring 2018 Date
encrypted_date__c Encrypted Date Spring 2018 Date
encrypted_text__c Encrypted Description Spring 2018 Text(255)
end_date__c End Date Pre-Spring 2018 Date
ffrrtemplate__c Recognition Template Pre-Spring 2018 Looks up to: Template__c
number__c Total Revenue Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,0)
picklist__c picklist Pre-Spring 2018 Picklist:
richText__c richText Pre-Spring 2018 Html(32768)
text__c Account Name Pre-Spring 2018 Text(255)
units__c Units Pre-Spring 2018 Number(18,0)

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