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Salesforce Standard Objects and Fields Permissions

For functional permissions to work correctly, you must ensure permission and security access is correctly configured. The table lists the Salesforce standard objects requiring CRUD (Read, Create, Update, and Delete) access and fields requiring field-level security access needed for each permission set.

Permission Set LabelPermission Set API NameTypeItemPermission
SCPQ - Create Estimates CreateEstimates Field Permission Opportunity.AccountId Read
SCPQ - Create Projects from Estimates CreateProjectsFromEstimates Object Permission Opportunity Read
SCPQ - Manage Estimate Resources ManageEstimateResources Object Permission Contact Read
SCPQ - Push To Opportunity PushToOpportunity Field Permission OpportunityLineItem.ServiceDate Edit, Read
OpportunityLineItem.Product2Id Edit, Read
OpportunityLineItem.PricebookEntryId Edit, Read
OpportunityLineItem.UnitPrice Edit, Read
OpportunityLineItem.Description Edit, Read
Object Permission OpportunityLineItem Create, Read, Edit
Opportunity Read
PricebookEntry Read
Product2 Read

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