Services CPQ Data Dictionary


Label: Services CPQ Settings

Contains settings that control the behavior of Services CPQ in your organization.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Automatically_Adjust_Estimate_Dates__c Automatically Adjust Estimate Dates Services CPQ June 2022 If selected, editing the dates of a child record to outside the dates of the parent record will automatically adjust all parent records to include the dates. If deselected, editing the dates of a child record to outside the dates of the parent record will not affect the dates of any parent records.

Checkbox true
Create_Project_From_Estimate_Fieldset__c Create Project from Estimate Field Set Services CPQ September 2022 The API name of the field set that defines the project fields that are editable when project details are displayed during creation of a project from an estimate.

Text(100) 'pse__createProjectFromOppAndTempProjColumns'
Disable_Edit_of_Pushed_Estimate_Products__c Disable Edit of Pushed Estimate Products Spring 2023 If selected, estimate products that have been pushed to opportunity are not editable.

Checkbox false
Disable_Estimated_Expenses__c Disable Estimated Expenses Spring 2023 If selected, estimated expenses on estimates are disabled in Services CPQ.

Checkbox false
Disable_Milestone_Creation__c Disable Milestone Creation Services CPQ Winter 2023 If selected, milestones will not be created from estimate records when creating a project from an estimate or adding an estimate to a project.

Checkbox false
Disable_Opportunity_Line_Item_Creation__c Disable Opportunity Product Creation Services CPQ May 2022 If selected, opportunity products will not be created when pushing an estimate to an opportunity or creating a project from an estimate.

Checkbox false
Disable_Role_Request_Consolidation__c Disable Role Request Consolidation Services CPQ February 2022 If selected, when resource requests are created from an estimate, a resource request will be created for each estimate role request.

Checkbox false
Disable_Role_Request_Suggested_Resource__c Disable Role Request Suggested Resource Services CPQ October 2022 If selected, suggested resources on role requests are disabled in Services CPQ.

Checkbox true
Disable_Skills__c Disable Estimate Role Skills Services CPQ April 2022 If selected, estimate role skills are disabled in Services CPQ.

Checkbox false
Maximum_Daily_Hours_for_RR_Schedule__c Maximum Daily Hours for RR Schedule Spring 2023 The maximum numbers of hours per day for resource request schedules created from role requests.

Number(5,2) 24
Role_Request_Consolidation_Field_Set__c Role Request Consolidation Field Set Services CPQ February 2022 The API name of the field set that contains the additional fields to be populated when consolidating estimate role requests into a resource request.

Sync_Hours_Breakdown_Schedule_With_RR__c Sync Hours Breakdown Schedule with RR Spring 2023 If selected, the role request schedule is synced with the related resource request's schedule.

Checkbox false

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