Advanced Quoting Data Dictionary


Label: Advanced Quoting Batch Settings

Settings used to control Advanced Quoting batch processes.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Convert_Change_Request_to_Quote_Scope__c Convert Change Request to Quote Scope Pre-Spring 2020 Number(5,0) 400
Convert_Quote_to_Change_Request_Scope__c Convert Quote to Change Request Scope Pre-Spring 2020 Number(5,0) 500
Convert_Quote_to_Contract_Scope__c Convert Quote to Contract Scope Pre-Spring 2020 Number(5,0) 1000
Max_Number_of_Jobs_in_Queue__c Max Number of Jobs in Queue Pre-Spring 2020 Number(3,0)
Notification_Chatter__c Notification Chatter Pre-Spring 2020 Checkbox false
Notification_Email__c Notification Email Pre-Spring 2020 Checkbox false
Notification_Recipients__c Notification Recipients Pre-Spring 2020 TextArea
Notification_Task__c Notification Task Pre-Spring 2020 Checkbox false

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