Asperato Connector Data Dictionary


Label: asp04__Payment__c

Adding fields to an object in a different managed package

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
BillingDocument__c Billing Document Pre-Fall 2021 The related billing document.

Looks up to: fferpcore__BillingDocument__c

Document_Numbers__c Document Numbers Spring 2022 Stores the documents associated with the Account Payment Details.

SalesInvoice__c Sales Invoice Pre-Fall 2021 The related sales invoice.

Looks up to: c2g__codaInvoice__c

codaPaymentLineItem__c Deprecated: Payment Detail Spring 2022 This field has been deprecated.

Looks up to: c2g__codaPaymentLineItem__c

codaPaymentMediaSummary__c Payment Media Summary Winter 2023 Lookup to the Accounting Payment Media Summary associated with the Asperato payment record.

Looks up to: c2g__codaPaymentMediaSummary__c


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