Financial Planning & Analysis Data Dictionary


Label: Log

Stores logs from different modules of Planning. For example, jobs, errors, and so on.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Action__c Action Spring 2023 Describes the action, during which occurred the event.

Date1__c Date1 Spring 2023 Date
Date2__c Date2 Spring 2023 Date
Description__c Description Spring 2023 LongTextArea(131072)
JobId__c JobId Spring 2023 Text(18)
Parent__c Parent Spring 2023 Contains the name of event.

Looks up to: Log__c
Reason__c Reason Spring 2023 Contains the description of event.

Source__c Source Spring 2023 Descendants include in the event.

Looks up to: Tag__c
Status__c Status Spring 2023 Describes the condition of action

TimeStamp__c Time Stamp Spring 2023 Shows the fail time.

Title__c Title Spring 2023 Text(255)
Type__c Type Spring 2023 Text(255)

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