Professional Services Automation Core Data Dictionary


Label: App Log

Saves a log of general events that occur during batch processing of billing events and actuals (app logs are not used for any other area of Certinia PSA). This may include status and error messages. Administrators can use app logs to track down processing errors.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Category__c Category Pre-Spring 2018 Category that this log record falls into.

Data2__c Data2 Pre-Spring 2018 More application data related to this log entry

Data__c Data Pre-Spring 2018 Application data related to this log entry

Level__c Level Pre-Spring 2018 Indicates verbosity of this log record. 1 = Fatal, 2 = Error, 3 = Warn, 4 = Info, 5 = Debug, 6 = Trace.

Message__c Message Pre-Spring 2018 Message to be displayed to user.

Origin__c Origin Pre-Spring 2018 Creator of this log message. Application-specific.


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