Services CPQ Data Dictionary


Label: Estimate Product Instance State

For system use. Stores the details of estimate product instances that have been pushed to opportunity for use when repushing.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Consolidate_By_Skills__c Consolidate by Skills Services CPQ February 2023 Indicates if estimate role skill requests were included in the Grouping Criteria when the estimate product instance was pushed opportunity. If skills have since been disabled in Services CPQ, this field is not affected. The state of the estimate product instance when it was initially pushed to opportunity is persisted when it is repushed.

Checkbox false
Estimate_Product_Instance__c Estimate Product Instance Services CPQ February 2023 The estimate product instance that relates to the estimate product instance state.

Looks up to: Estimate_Product_Instance__c
Estimate__c Estimate Services CPQ February 2023 The estimate that relates to the estimate product instance state.

Looks up to: Estimate__c
Grouping_Criteria_Fields__c Grouping Criteria Fields Services CPQ February 2023 For system use. The fields selected in the grouping criteria window when pushing the related estimate product instance to opportunity. The fields are reused when the estimate is repushed.


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