Services CPQ Data Dictionary


Label: Estimate Product Instance

For system use only. An instance of an Estimate Product added to an Estimate.

Field NameField LabelCreated in VersionDescriptionTypeDefault Value
Billing_Type__c Billing Type Services CPQ Winter 2023 The method of billing to be used.

Fixed Price
Time and Materials
Description__c Description Services CPQ August 2022 Description of the estimate product instance.

End_Date__c End Date Services CPQ September 2022 The date the estimate product instance ends.

Estimate_Product__c Estimate Product Services CPQ August 2022 The estimate product that relates to the estimate product instance.

Looks up to: Estimate_Product__c
Estimate__c Estimate Services CPQ August 2022 The estimate that relates to the estimate product instance.

Looks up to: Estimate__c
Fixed_Price_Margin_Percent__c Fixed Price Margin (Percent) Services CPQ Winter 2023 For fixed price estimate product instances only. The fixed price margin that the estimate product instance uses to calculate the billable amount.

Is_Processing__c Processing Records Services CPQ February 2023 Indicates that records associated with the estimate product instance are currently being created or updated.

Checkbox false
Is_Pushed_To_Opportunity__c Pushed to Opportunity Services CPQ October 2022 Indicates that the estimate product has been pushed to its related opportunity.

Checkbox false
Opportunity_Line_Item__c Opportunity Product Services CPQ September 2022 The opportunity product created for the estimate product instance when the estimate was pushed to opportunity.

Looks up to: OpportunityLineItem

Order__c Peer Order Services CPQ September 2022 For system use. Used to determine the hierarchy of the product.

Percent_Discount__c Discount (%) Services CPQ May 2023 The percentage discount applied to the role requests associated with the estimate product.

Project__c Project Services CPQ October 2022 The project created from the estimate product.

Looks up to: pse__Proj__c

Start_Date__c Start Date Services CPQ August 2022 The date the estimate product instance starts.


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