ClickLink API Developer's Reference


global with sharing class RuleServiceActionRunRule

Invocable action to run a single ClickLink rule for one or more source records. This class is intended to be run using Process Builder. Developers should instead use ffirule.RuleService to run rules via the ClickLink API.



global static List<Id> runRule(List<ffirule.RuleServiceActionRunRule.RunRuleParameters> runRuleParams)

Runs a ClickLink rule.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
runRuleParams List<ffirule.RuleServiceActionRunRule.RunRuleParameters> List of parameters; each specifying the same ruleId but different sourceObjectIds.

Return Value

List of newly created target record IDs.


global class RunRuleParameters

Describes which ClickLink Rule to run and which source records to process.


Name Type Description
ruleId Id The ID of the ClickLink Rule.
sourceObjectId Id The ID of the source record to be processed.