ClickLink REST API Developer Reference



URI /services/apexrest/ffirule/v1.0/rules/*/clone
Description Rest method to clone a Rule
Call: /v1.0/rules/{id}/clone - HTTP POST
Where {id} is replaced by the ClickLink rule ID.

Creates a new ClickLink rule by fully cloning an existing rule and adding 'Clone' to the new rule's name. The new rule will contain the original rule's master level rule and detail level rule.
Note: The new rule will also contain the original rule's actions. If you try to run a cloned action rule and there are two actions with the same name, running the rule will fail. You can only fully clone rules that do not contain relationships deeper than one level. Custom components such as custom buttons and Visualforce pages are not cloned. If the rule's name ends in 'Clone', ClickLink does not add 'Clone' to the name.
Therefore, we recommend you change the default name of cloned rules before cloning them again.

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