ClickLink REST API Developer Reference



URI /services/apexrest/ffirule/v1.0/rules/resolveaction
Description Rest method to resolve an action
Call: /v1.0/rules/resolveaction?sourceObject={so_api_name}&action={action_name} HTTP GET
Where {so_api_name} is replaced by the source object's API name and {action_name} is the name of the action in the ClickLink rule.

The response contains the details of the ClickLink rule's action.

Sample Code

  "IntegrationRuleSourceTest__c" : [ {
    "RuleId" : "a0I1U000001AO4YUAW",
    "FeedMessageTarget" : null,
    "FeedMessage" : "feed message",
    "FeedLinkMessageTarget" : null,
    "FeedLinkMessage" : "feed link message",
    "ActionName" : "action name",
    "ActionMessage" : "*action message"
  } ]
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