ClickLink REST API Developer Reference



URI /services/apexrest/ffirule/v1.0/rules/runaction
Description Rest method to run a Rule and create target objects via publisher action
Call: /v1.0/rules/runaction

Runs a ClickLink rule as an action.
Note: This service respects the Source Object Process and Source Object Processed settings available when using ClickLink's user interface, for more information about these settings see the ClickLink User Guide. Currently, if Source Object Process is not selected or Source Object Processed is selected for a source record, this service will not create the target record. Nor will it return an error message. This functionality will be enhanced in future releases.

Input Parameters

sourceRecordIDs The IDs of the source records on which to run the action.
actionName The name of the action.
updateFeed Determines if the Chatter feed is updated after the action is run. Values are True or False.

Sample Code

    "sourceRecordIDs": [
    "actionName": "Run Action",
    "updateFeed": true
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