ERP Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class ErpCurrencyService

Returns or activates ERP currencies.



global static Set<String> getActiveCurrencies()

Get the ERP currencies that are active.

Return Value

A set of currency ISO codes.


global static fferpcore.ErpCurrencyService.ActivateCurrenciesResult activateCurrencies(Set<String> isoCodes)

Activate a set of ERP currencies. During the activation process, ERP automatically activates all Salesforce currencies that relate to active ERP currencies to ensure the details are synchronized.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
isoCodes Set<String> The ISO codes of the currencies you want to activate.

Return Value

An instance of ActivateCurrenciesResult, which provides information about the result of the request.


global class ActivateCurrenciesResult

Information relating to an ERP currency activation request.


Name Type Description
HasRemainingWork Boolean When true, this indicates that the request could not be completed in a single execution context due to platform limits. To complete the request, call the method with the same parameters until the value is false. Additional calls must be done in a new execution context, using a batch job for example.



global ActivateCurrenciesResult()

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