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global with sharing class GenericMessageHandler

Implements a common pattern for fferpcore.MessageHandler for the Data Replication use case. This class is intended to be wrapped by your MessageHandler. Therefore it does not implement fferpcore.MessageHandler itself.



global GenericMessageHandler(SObjectType targetObject, SObjectField correlationField, String productDeveloperName, String messageTypeDeveloperName)

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
targetObject SObjectType The object to which the results are to be written.
correlationField SObjectField Field to use with a SimpleLinkingCorrelationStrategy. Null if you provide your own correlation strategy.
productDeveloperName String Product developer name of this subscription.
messageTypeDeveloperName String Messsage type developer name of this subscription.


global void onMessages(List<fferpcore.DeliveredMessage> messages)

Handles the messages.


global void addLinkControlPublication(fferpcore.MessagingSystemService.Sender sender, fferpcore.MessagingSystemService.MessageTypeSpecifier specifier)

Adds details of a publication to use to send Link Control replies.


global fferpcore.GenericMessageHandler withProxyDeveloperName(String proxyDeveloperName)

Fluent method to set the Proxy Developer Name for this subscription.


global fferpcore.GenericMessageHandler withIdentifier(String identifier)

Fluent method to set the Identifier for this subscription.


global fferpcore.GenericMessageHandler withLinkingCorrelationStrategy(fferpcore.LinkingCorrelationStrategy linkingCorrelationStrategy)

Fluent method to override the Linking Correlation Strategy.


global fferpcore.GenericMessageHandler withLinkControlDeveloperName(String linkControlDeveloperName)

Fluent method to set the Link Control Developer Name to be sent with Link Control messages.

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