ERP Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class LinkingMessageHelper2

Delegate class to aid processing messages in a MessageHandler. Uses a fferpcore.DataTargetRoot and fferpcore.LinkingMessageToTargetObjectMarshaller to group messages for the same targets, pass them into the marshaller, and finally commit any changes using the DataTargetRoot's work scope.



global LinkingMessageHelper2(fferpcore.DataTargetRoot dataTargetRoot, fferpcore.LinkingMessageToTargetObjectMarshaller marshaller, String linkDeveloperName)

Construct a LinkingMessageHelper2.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
dataTargetRoot fferpcore.DataTargetRoot Respository of relevant target objects.
marshaller fferpcore.LinkingMessageToTargetObjectMarshaller Logic to apply the messages to the target objects.
linkDeveloperName String Developer name to identify the product during linking.


global fferpcore.LinkingMessageHandlerResult onMessages(List<fferpcore.DeliveredMessage> messages)

Process the given messages.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
messages List<fferpcore.DeliveredMessage> The DeliveredMessage to process.

Return Value

A collection of the resulting link control messages.

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