Billing Central Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class TaxCodesService

This class provides service functionality for the FinancialForce ERP Tax Code and Tax Rate objects.



global static List<ffbc.TaxCodesService.TaxRate> getTaxRates(ffbc.TaxCodesService.TaxRatesRequest request)

Retrieves all tax rates that are in effect on the specified date.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
request ffbc.TaxCodesService.TaxRatesRequest An object containing the parameters for which to retrieve tax rates.

Return Value

A list of wrappers for tax rate information.


global with sharing class TaxRatesRequest

This class wraps the parameters for which to retrieve tax rates.


Name Type Description
TaxDate Date The date for which to retrieve tax rates.



global TaxRatesRequest()

The default constructor for this object.


global with sharing class TaxRate

This class relates a tax code to a tax rate.


Name Type Description
TaxCodeId Id Read only. The ID of the tax code to which the rate belongs.
Rate Decimal Read only. The rate that is in effect for the tax code as a percentage.
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