Human Capital Management Apex API Developer Reference

Using the API Within Apex

If you are developing Apex classes, triggers, or Visualforce controllers, you can call the FinancialForce Apex classes directly to integrate with FinancialForce.

Viewing a List of FinancialForce API Apex Classes

  1. If necessary, create a new Apex class view called the "FinancialForce API Classes", see below.
  2. Click Setup | Develop | Apex Classes.
  3. From the View field, select the "FinancialForce API Classes" option. A list of all relevant Apex classes is displayed.
  4. Click the Apex class name to view its detail.

Creating an API Apex Class View

Always use the latest version of the API for each Apex class.

To set up an API class view:

  1. Click Setup | Develop | Apex Classes.
  2. Click Create New View.
  3. Enter a view name of "FinancialForce API Classes".
  4. Specify the following filter criteria:
    • Name | contains | Service
    • Name | does not contain | Test
    • Namespace Prefix| equals | VANAHCM
  5. Click Add Filter Logic to set filter logic, such as 1 AND 2 AND 3.
  6. Select relevant fields to display, or accept the default.
  7. Restrict visibility to this view, as appropriate.
  8. Click Save.

This view will be available to you in future.


Use "-" as a separator in date formats. Date format should be yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss. For example, for December 13, 2016 use "2016-12-13" or "2016-12-13 00:00:00".

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