Administrator Setup

To enable this feature, add a custom button to the Payment list view and perform any other relevant setup tasks described here.

Adding a Custom Button to the Payments List View

To add the custom button to the Payments list view:

  1. Click Your Name | Setup | Create | Objects.
  2. Click Payments.
  3. In the Search Layouts section click Edit next to Payments List View.
  4. Add the Generate Bank File button to the Selected Buttons list.
  5. Click Save.

Customizing Page Layouts

Add selected fields to the appropriate page layouts as required by your target bank file format. Some custom fields may be related to more than one bank payment format. For more information, see the appropriate bank file format specification.

Managing the Bank Format Tool Custom Settings

To configure the Bank Format Tool custom setting:

  1. Click Setup | Develop | Custom Settings.
  2. Click Manage next to Bank Format Tool Settings.
  3. Click New at organization level.
  4. Provide appropriate values for each custom setting field according to the target bank file format. All settings are optional.
  5. Click Save.

See the appropriate bank file format specification for more information. Some custom settings may be used by more than one bank payment format.


The Date to Arrive and Date of Creation custom settings are deprecated. These dates are now set as follows in the generated output:
Date to Arrive = date entered on Generate Bank File page
Date of Creation = current date

Custom Settings

The following fields were added to custom settings in Bank Formats Summer 2019.

New custom settings
Custom Setting Group Field Description
Bank Format Tool Store Bank Files in Documents

If selected the bank files generated are stored in the Documents tab and can only be viewed using Classic. If deselected the bank files generated are stored in the Files tab and can be viewed using both Classic and Lightning. The default is deselected.