Salesforce CPQ to Billing Central for Contracts

If you are using Salesforce CPQ and Billing Central you can add the Prepare Contract button to the Salesforce order page layout, so that you can create Billing Central contracts directly from the Salesforce order. This allows Salesforce users to create contracts in Billing Central.

For example, your sales consultants can use Salesforce CPQ to create customer quotes and orders from opportunities, and easily convert those into billable contracts. Your billing clerks can then review and manage the contracts in Billing Central.

You can use your Salesforce orders and CPQ quotes to:

  • Create new contracts
  • Upsell existing contracts by adding new products or services
  • Renew existing contracts
  • Create replacement contracts

You can configure the BC Order to Contract Integration by running a wizard from Feature Console. You use the wizard to specify:

  • The field and respective values that determine the type of contract that is created when you click the Prepare Contract button
  • The field mappings between orders and contracts. These mappings are used to populate the Billing Central contract fields with order information

The wizard also lists the manual changes that you must make to your Salesforce order and Billing Central contract page layouts for this integration.

Several default settings are supplied. You can amend these to reflect your business requirements.

For more information, see Setting up BC Order to Contract Integration.