Permission Sets

Permission sets are a feature of the Salesforce platform that enables you to manage user access. Default permission sets for Billing Central are provided with the application. We recommend using permission sets instead of user profiles to manage your users' privileges. You can assign permission sets to up to 1000 users at a time.

Identifying the Billing Central Permission Sets

Three levels of default permission sets are provided with Billing Central.



1 App Permissions apply across the Billing Central app.
2 Object Permissions apply to an entire Billing Central object.
3 Activity

Permissions apply to an activity being carried out in an object such as read, save, delete and marking a document complete.


An activity level permission set for an object may provide permissions on other objects to allow a particular activity to be carried out.

The permission sets you need to assign to users depend on the needs of your organization and the tasks that they need to carry out in Billing Central.

Typically you might use a combination of user profiles and permission sets to manage your users' privileges. For example, use profiles to manage user privileges for standard Salesforce objects and other applications (excluding Billing Central), then assign the Billing Central permission sets to your individual users.

For information about where to find a complete list of permission sets, see Permission Sets and Other Technical Documentation.


To use Billing Central, you must be assigned permissions on the Foundations Company object. If you do not have read access to the Foundations Company object, certain fields such as the Company field on the Billing Contract object might not be populated from the plan when you create a contract from a plan.


You cannot edit the default permission sets but you can clone them to create your own variations. If you clone the default permission sets or create your own, you will need to manually update them to add new functionality in future versions of Billing Central. When you upgrade, the default permission sets are updated automatically.

Examples of Billing Central Permission Sets


Permission Set


1 Billing Central API Provides access to the Apex classes that you require to use the Billing Central API.
1 Billing Central Provides the same level of access as all the Billing Central permission sets combined.
2 Billing Central -
Provides the same level of access as all the Billing Central Contract permission sets combined.
3 Billing Central -
Contract - Activate Contract
Provides the permissions that enable you to activate contracts.
3 Billing Central -
Contract - Add Plan
Provides the permissions that enable you to add plans to contracts.
3 Billing Central -
Contract - Create Billing Document

Provides the permissions that enable you to create billing documents from contracts.


Billing Document is a Foundations object. To create a billing document, you also need a Foundations permission set. See Foundations Permission Sets.

Foundations Permission Sets

To carry out certain actions in Billing Central, such as creating contracts, you must assign Foundations permission sets to users of Billing Central.


Billing Document is a Foundations object to which Billing Central adds fields. To grant access to the Billing Document object and Foundations billing document fields, use Foundations permission sets. To grant access to the fields that Billing Central adds to the Billing Document object, use the Billing Central permission sets.

More Information

For more information about permission sets and how to assign them to users, see these topics in the Salesforce Help:

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