Foundations Messaging Overview

Foundations messaging makes it easy for you to share data between your Certinia apps. This enables you to provide visibility to crucial information across your business. For example, you can use messaging to automatically share specific information stored in Accounting to a Billing Central user who doesn't have an Accounting license.

Foundations messaging consists of message types, publications, and subscriptions, which define the source, target and purpose of a messaging relationship. Within a relationship, mappings define individual sources and targets for specific information that you want to share.

Foundations enables you to log details of all messaging data, successes or errors. All information required to manage messaging data easily accessible from the message type.

To enable users to view or manage message relationships and mappings, assign the relevant permissions.


Permissions Required

View messaging relationships and mappings

FDN Core - Read Only

Manage messaging relationships and mappings FDN Core - Administrator
Manage activation methods The FDN Core - Administrator permission set and the Salesforce system administrator profile