What is a Foundations Company?

The Company object is a core component of Foundations. Other Certinia applications use this object and add fields, buttons, and functionality to it.

Foundations subscribes to company information that other Certinia applications publish and updates its companies based on this information. For example, when a company is created in Accounting, Accounting publishes that company and Foundations subscribes to it and creates the record in its company object. Similarly, when a company is updated in Accounting, that company is updated in Foundations.


If your organization uses Accounting, you must continue to update and add company data using the Accounting Company object and not the Foundations Company object.

You can also manually create company sites in Foundations to establish and maintain a hierarchy of sites that relate to a single company. You can reference a specific site from a billing document line item to identify the sender location for tax calculation purposes. For more information about company sites, see the related topics.

Permission to view, edit, and delete company and company site records is provided with the FDN Common Concepts - Company permission sets.